Third CWG Ebook Investigates Incredible Dinosaur Fossil Site that Paleontologists are Keeping Secret

writing sampleBones of Contention, by Leslie Anthony, the third ebook in CWG’s spring series, is now available on Kobo for $1.99 as well as Kindle.

In 2007, a massive, concentrated deposit of dinosaur fossils, some of the oldest ever found, were discovered in the mountain ridges of northern British Columbia, near an old coal mining town. The site contained the largest number of tyrannosaur teeth ever found with another species, an unfortunate lambeousaur who’d been scavenged by a pack of hyena-like juvenile predators millions of years ago. The small group of paleontologists digging the site have had to keep its location a secret to protect it from fossil hunters, as there are no laws in British Columbia to prevent commercial fossil excavations. Leslie Anthony, an acclaimed adventure writer, was the first journalist to visit the site during a rugged rafting trip through remote mountain rivers in the fall of 2011. Bones of Contention: Inside the Struggle to Unearth the Great Rocky Mountain Dinosaur Discovery is an extended version of a story that appeared (print only) in the January/February 2012 issue of Canadian Geographic magazine.

The Kobo version contains photos taken by Anthony during his trip.

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