Globe and Mail, Toronto Star call CWG’s ebook Finding Karla future of journalism and publishing breakthrough

Paula Todd’s ebook Finding Karla has been featured by media outlets in all formats across the country since it launched on June 21, but today’s article by Simon Houpt in The Globe and Mail was one of the first to focus on the decision to tell Paula’s story in ebook form. According to Houpt, the publication of Finding Karla “suggests that for the first time in decades, some of the power in publishing is shifting back back to writers.” The article, which also mentions other CWG ebooks, such as Russell Smith’s Blindsided and Leslie Anthony’s Bones of Contention, says that “Finding Karla proves there’s real value in the digital rights to stories.”

In early August, the Toronto Star’s Greg Quill wrote an article that called Finding Karla a “publishing breakthrough.”

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