Ghostwriter Wendy Dennis Celebrates the Publication of Hamish McKenzie’s Pitch

PitchCWG writer Wendy Dennis and pitch consultant Hamish McKenzie have collaborated on the newly released book, Pitch — an engaging pitching manual designed to help companies gain business and win pitches.

Hamish McKenzie is consultant with over 14 years of experience. He specializes in pitch consulting for multi-million dollar contracts and high stakes propositions through his company McKenzie Pitch Partners.

Pitch is filled with tactical tips, worksheets, case studies, and stories drawn from experience consulting on high-stakes pitches around the globe. Pitch describes Hamish’s step-by-step Pitch SSP process. He demonstrates how to create a strategy, story, and presentation that targets the client’s needs, identifies what you’re not doing when you pitch that’s costing you time and money, and shows you how to focus on what matters so you can win more.

Work on Pitch began in January 2014, with Wendy Dennis being brought on board through CWG to offer her editorial services. Soon — through Dennis’ guidance — the book was taken to a whole new level. Dennis conducted between seven and eight multi-hour interviews with McKenzie to understand his pitching process and to take the book from basic instruction manual to a more reader-friendly, narrative-driven book.

Dennis’ work on Pitch was invaluable to the project. McKenzie echoes this sentiment in the acknowledgement section of his book, saying, “This book would not exist in its present form if Wendy Dennis at CWG hadn’t believed I had a story worth telling, encouraged me to tell it, and helped draw it out of me. Her enthusiasm for the project inspired me to share what I’ve learned about pitching with a wider audience.”

To celebraHamish_Wendy_NYCte the launch of Pitch, a pitch competition was held by McKenzie Pitch Partners in New York City on April 16th for Entrepreneurs’ Organization’s Accelerator members. Business owners were invited to submit a video of their best pitch and two finalists were chosen to pitch in front of a panel of judges at the event. The winner received a pitch consulting package from McKenzie Pitch Partners.

Pitch, designed by Parcel and published by CWG, is now available for purchase on Kobo and iTunes. A print version for business teams can also be purchased through the McKenzie Pitch Partners website.







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