The Canadian Writers Group was formed to create something that doesn’t currently exist – an agency that can fulfil an impressively broad range of communication needs.

Most literary agencies make it their business to negotiate book deals, and we do our share of that. But what’s different about CWG is that our clients also come to us looking for the perfect writer for a website overhaul, new brochure, compelling white paper, award-winning magazine story, profiles of employees and much more.

CWG writers work with large corporations such as the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and Bell Media, top design and ad firms, banks, educational institutions, museums, trade associations and companies from pretty much every corner of the market.

Our clients never cease to be amazed by the talent, experience and reliability of our writers. Collectively, our writers have amassed much critical praise and many awards in their fields (in 2015, for instance, our writers garnered 11 National Magazine Award nominations).They cover enough ground to warrant 66 categories on this site, which you can search through to find the right writer for you. Better yet, call us and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll promptly have some impressive candidates for you to consider.

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