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CWG has been approached by a variety of clients and writers interested in publishing e-books. Our first, Russell Smith’s moving memoir, Blindsided, quickly became the #1 non-fiction title on Kobo. A few months later, in June 2012, CWG’s Finding Karla by Paula Todd made headlines across Canada, and became the #1 bestselling e-book on Kindle Singles. The Globe and Mail declared Todd’s work “Journalism’s 14,000-word future”, and the Toronto Star called the real-life thriller a “publishing breakthrough.”

We also collaborate with excellent design and print partners to produce printed books and booklets for business leaders and brands. Last year, CWG writer Wendy Dennis and pitch consultant Hamish McKenzie collaborated on Pitch — an engaging manual designed to help companies win more business. Pitch is filled with tactical tips, worksheets, case studies, and stories drawn from experience consulting on high-stakes pitches around the globe.


Pitch, designed and produced by Parcel and published by CWG, can be purchased through the McKenzie Pitch Partners website or via Kobo and iTunes.

Please contact us and provide a summary of your book project in order to learn more about our publishing services.



Hamish McKenzie

What you’re not doing makes all the difference.

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An Inconvenient Fruit_Cover_Large 2

An Inconvenient Fruit

Andrew Braithwaite

One winemaking family’s pursuit of an intoxicating, doomed grape.

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finding Karla

Finding Karla

Paula Todd

How I tracked down an elusive serial child killer and discovered a mother of three

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Russell Smith

How twenty years of writing about booze, drugs and sex ended in the blink of an eye

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Behind Every Successful Psychopath

Patricia Pearson

Why Karla Homolka was the perfect match for Paul Bernardo

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